Snr Software Verification Engineer

Company Description:

Teslonix is on the verge of introducing something totally disruptive to the RFID/IoT market. Over the coming months we shall be introducing a solution which will revolutionize the way RAIN RFID tags and IoT sensors can be controlled in zones and areas.  To support this endeavour we need an experienced, self-driven talent who thrives on bringing new technology into the market to support the next stage of our development.

Position Overview:

This S/W and Verification engineer will be involved in low- and high-level software development and formal verification in the context of RF-based, embedded systems.

Duties and responsibilities will include the design, implementation, verification and support of real-time, embedded firmware on ARM-based MCUs and will work closely in a multi-disciplinary R&D team as regards system integration and documentation.


  • C/C++, Python & Assembler
  • Matlab familiarity is a must, highly functional Matlab programming ability is an asset
  • Understands verification concepts and strategies, worked with CI tools and has experience setting up verification frameworks
  • Proficient in device driver development, low-level interrupt handling, bootloaders, etc.
  • Experienced and comfortable using scopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers to design, test and validate embedded systems in the lab
  • Experience working with ARM-based MCUs and/or MPUs: Cortex M series or similar; must be familiar with MCU/CPU and memory architectures
  • Experience working with I2C, SPI, GPIO, USB, SDRAM/Flash, JTAG and WiFi ICs and components
  • Maintains a working knowledge of digital communication concepts, wireless communication system knowledge is beneficial
  • Coded/implemented protocols, APIs; experienced in JSON, HTML, XML
  • Experience with FGPAs/PLDs and/or DSP processors is an asset.
  • Independent work ethic, strives to deliver quality documentation and brings tasks to on-time completion.
  • Possess relevant education and experience in S/W design, development and maintenance

Education and Experience:

  • 5+ years S/W development experience in QNX RTOS, Linux or similar embedded environment.
  • 5+ years formal s/w verification experience driving quality and robustness
  • B. Eng of Engineering.  

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