Electronics Lab Technologist

Company Description:

Teslonix is on the verge of introducing something totally disruptive to the RFID/IoT market. Over the coming months we shall be introducing a solution which will revolutionize the way RAIN RFID tags and IoT sensors can be controlled in zones and areas.

To support this endeavour we need an experienced, self-driven talent who thrives on bringing new technology into the market to support the next stage of our development.

Position Overview:

This position requires the successful candidate to, in all aspects, support RF hardware and embedded software engineers to characterize and validate advanced RFID readers and systems.  This candidate understands basic electrical and electronic concepts and is a high functioning, hands-on technologist willing to learn new concepts, and be able to undertake activities as directed by team members. You have skills that will allow you participate in the validation of product as a member of the R&D team.

Reporting to the Director of Engineering to facilitate execution, you will manage the lab and police procedures and activities, undertake data collection making sure it is complete, reviewed and concise, drive organization of data for all members of the R&D team and help present conclusions under supervision as supported by data.


  • Manage an electronics lab, set rules and enforce them
  • Design and drive fabrication of assembled PCBs,  testing PCBs
  • Maintain professional relationship with vendors to procure parts, and assure expedited delivery
  • Soldering and removal of SMCs
  • Organization and filing skills
  • Hands-on to help buildup lab/office space
  • Hands-on testing experience with lab equipment (scopes, etc)
  • Understands and enforces lab policies and precautions (ESD, etc)
  • Cabling, parts builds, assembly
  • Running verification tests, undertaking calibration work, monitoring results
  • C/C++, Matlab is an asset
  • Exposure to RF is an asset

Education and Experience:

  • College Diploma (in Electronics)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering is an asset
  • 1-2 years with exposure to lab management

Send your resume to: careers@teslonix.com