Real time inventory control – retailer’s dream come true?

Teslonix Update – November 2019

Teslonix distributed overhead RFID reader system is now available for external customer and partner evaluations and deployments. We are seeing a near 99% read rate for tag densities of up to 6,000 to 8,000 tags in large spaces (160-180 sqm) with just 4 readers. This level of performance puts our product at the top of the available solutions on the market today. 

So far several Field trials have been completed with these typical outcomes:

    • Field Trial #1 – Global System Integrator
      • Read rates at 98% level validated
    • Field Trial #2 – Global Solution Provider
      • “Tests showed  7x reduction in the number of readers/antennas possible using Teslonix approach”
    • Field Trial #3 – Global Solution Provider
      • “We are interested in partnering with Teslonix because of their ability to energize RFID tags from a distance using a unique method of focused power delivery exceeding current state-of-the-art.”
    • Field Trial #4: Global Solution Provider
      • High read rates achieved in realistic retail store environment

The main benefit to retailers is an accurate view and control of inventory in an automated way leading to increased sales. The system is completely wireless providing additional benefits in cost and ease of installation – no wires!

If interested in learning more or setting up a trial in your test facility please contact Terry Clancy at