Real time inventory control – retailer’s dream come true?

Teslonix Update – November 2019

Teslonix distributed overhead RFID reader system is now available for external customer and partner evaluations and deployments. We are seeing a near 99% read rate for tag densities of up to 6,000 to 8,000 tags in large spaces (160-180 sqm) with just 4 readers. This level of performance puts our product at the top of the available solutions on the market today. 

So far several Field trials have been completed with these typical outcomes:

    • Field Trial #1 – Global System Integrator
      • Read rates at 98% level validated
    • Field Trial #2 – Global Solution Provider
      • “Tests showed  7x reduction in the number of readers/antennas possible using Teslonix approach”
    • Field Trial #3 – Global Solution Provider
      • “We are interested in partnering with Teslonix because of their ability to energize RFID tags from a distance using a unique method of focused power delivery exceeding current state-of-the-art.”
    • Field Trial #4: Global Solution Provider
      • High read rates achieved in realistic retail store environment

The main benefit to retailers is an accurate view and control of inventory in an automated way leading to increased sales. The system is completely wireless providing additional benefits in cost and ease of installation – no wires!

If interested in learning more or setting up a trial in your test facility please contact Terry Clancy at

Teslonix exhibiting at the IDTechEx 2018 Conference

Ottawa, Canada, November 13th, 2018 – Teslonix Inc is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting on the AIM/RAIN Pavilion (Pod L) at IDTechEx 2018 in Santa Clara on November 14th and 15th.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to present Teslonix technology at the IDTechEx conference. Our presence at the exhibition is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how Teslonix’s novel smartRFpowerTM technology can deliver more power to RAIN RFID tags and wireless battery-free Sensors, hence extending range, and reducing cost, thereby accelerating the adoption and growth of the Internet of Things.”, stated Dr. C. Paul Slaby, CEO and Founder of Teslonix Inc.

Mr Slaby will also be giving a short presentation as part of the RAIN RFID Alliance session on Thursday 15th from 2:20pm.

Teslonix and CISC to co-exhibit at “RFID and Wireless IoT Tomorrow” Conference

Ottawa, Canada. Klagenfurt, Austria October 24th 2018 – Teslonix Inc and CISC Semiconductor GmbH are pleased to announce that as a follow-up to their previously announced joint Eureka funded project aimed at developing the next generation of IoT/RFID Reader and required Test Equipment, Teslonix and CISC will be co-exhibiting at “RFID and Wireless IoT Tomorrow” Conference taking place in Darmstadt, Germany, October 30-31.

“Our presentation at the conference and presence at the exhibition are a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how Teslonix novel smartRFpower(TM) technology delivers more power to RAIN RFID tags and battery-free Sensors, hence extending range, reducing cost, accelerating adoption and growth of the Internet of Things. We are very pleased to have CISC as a partner developing the required test equipment”, stated Dr. C. Paul Slaby, CEO and Founder of Teslonix Inc.

“We continue to support the RAIN RFID industry by providing the tools to make it a robust and reliable technology.” stated DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CTO, CISC Semiconductors GmbH, “Today we provide the market best-in-class reader testing tools, for key parameters including, reader sensitivity, independent of phase shifting and BLF. Through our collaboration with Teslonix we are preparing to support the next generation of IoT/RFID readers and systems.”

Teslonix presenting the Future of IoT at Connections Summit 2018

Teslonix will present the benefits of IoT SmartKick, a ground-breaking solution, to manage large deployments of RAIN RFID tagged items using significantly reduced infrastructure and installation requirements over traditional solutions.  The system empowers businesses through the delivery of an affordable system to autonomously count and track inventory at the item-level.

The Connections Summit is held March 7, 2018 at Google Java Corners in Sunnyvale, CA. The Teslonix team is looking forward to meeting and discussing the “Future of IoT” with attendees, partners and colleagues from around the world.  To arrange a meeting with our team please contact us at

For more info about the Connections Summit click here

Teslonix at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2018

Teslonix will be attending the NRF Retail’s Big Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, January 14-16, 2018.  The team is looking forward to meeting and discussing our revolutionary advanced RFID Reader Solution for Retail applications with partners, colleagues and customers from around the world.  To arrange a meeting with our team please contact us at

Teslonix at Industry of Things World 2016!

Teslonix joins the delegation representing Canada at Industry of Things World 2016 held in the Berlin Conference Center Sept 19-20.  Teslonix representatives will be available in stand #26 to present our innovative IoT Connectivity solution and how it can be used to autonomously  manage large deployments of passive IoT devices.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Teslonix at RFID Journal Live!

Teslonix is excited to be exhibiting IoT SmartKick™ at RFID Live 2016, May 3-5th at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. We invite you to come by stand #1043 to see this unique system in action and learn more about how this innovative technology can be used to build better inventory and asset management solutions to better manage “things”

About RFID Journal Live 2016