Tom-TTom Tamburrini

Tom Tamburrini is an accomplished technology executive with a proven track record of development and deployment of customer centric technology solutions. Most recently, Tom was the Global Engineering Leader / CTO for Tyco Retail Solutions, a $1B division of Tyco (Fortune 500 Company). In this role, Tom led the development and go to market for Tyco’s Loss Prevention, Inventory Visibility and Retail Traffic solutions including major RFID roll-outs for such customers as Macys, Lululemon and numerous others.

Prior to Tyco, Tom was a VP / Global leader for Datalogic and held a number of roles associated with customer acquisition, product development and manufacturing of solutions targeted to the data capture industry. Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Global Technology Transfer.

DJ Wight photor. Jim Wight, Chief Scientist

Dr. Wight is an authority in wireless systems and electromagnetics, in particular in OFDM based standards such as WiFi and WiMax. Previously, Dr. Wight has acted as Chief Scientist for Kaben Wireless Silicon and was a Co-Founder of AlleWin Technologies, a DSP innovator of MIMO techniques, Principal Architect and Co-Founder of IceFyre Semiconductor, a fabless provider of high performance WiFi RF solutions, and Senior Radio Architect for Philsar Electronics, a fabless innovator of Bluetooth transceivers.

Before migrating to the wireless industry, Dr. Wight held senior positions in several aerospace corporations, including Spread Spectrum Program Manager for CAL Corporation and EMS, and Special Advisor of Advanced Technology for Vistar Aerospace. At Carleton University in Ottawa, Dr. Wight holds the distinguished title and position of Chancellor’s Professor.

Dr. Earl T. Cohen

Dr. Earl T. Cohen received his Ph.D. in EECS from U.C. Berkeley in 1983, after receiving an S.B. from M.I.T. in Computer Science in 1978.  Dr. Cohen has worked in many different technology fields in and around Silicon Valley at both start-ups and at large companies such as Cisco.  He has extensive experience in the fields of error correcting codes, mainframe computers, microprocessors, solid-state disks, and networking equipment.  After being granted about half of his current 80+ patents, Dr. Cohen became interested in the patent process and became a patent agent registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

MiodragBolicDr. Miodrag Bolic

Dr. Bolic is an expert and a researcher in IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID systems, hardware/software accelerators, biomedical signal processing and instrumentation. Since 2004 he has been with the University of Ottawa, Canada where he is an associate professor with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a director of Computer Architecture, RFID and Medical Devices research groups at the University of Ottawa. He published about 50 journal papers, 80 conference papers and edited a book on RFID technology.

In addition to his academic career, Dr. Bolic is active in technology entrepreneurship being a co-founder of Astraion Llc – NY based startup that develops innovative RFID solutions.  He has industrial experience in RFID technology from 2003 while working part-time or as a consultant for Symbol Technology, NY, US, Amita Corporation, Canada  and Orica Inc, Canada. His research group at the University of Ottawa currently focuses on development of new RFID technology for improving localization and proximity detection of passive UHF RFID systems.

Normand (Norm) MajorNorm Major

Norm Major is an accomplished senior engineering executive with extensive experience managing small to large (250+)  Hardware, Software, Test, and Electro-Mechanical product development teams in both the USA and Canada. He has a proven track record of successfully delivering complex products developed by multidisciplinary teams.  Past development areas include: Networking Equipment, Large Computer (Mainframe & Massively Parallel), Embedded Computer, Chip Set, Realtime Video and Audio digital signal processing.

Mr. Major worked for many years in the San Francisco Bay area and Canada for large and start-up companies. He was an early Director of Engineering at Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA. He is an early stage technology investor and serves in an advisory capacity for a number of firms including most currently the Security and Policy Institute at the University of Ottawa. Mr. Major received a B. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University, Canada.