Thorsten Heins

ThorstenHeins-February2013-edit03Thorsten Heins is a global business leader with over 30 years experience and expertise in wireless networks, consumer electronics devices, applications and enterprise solutions.  He served as President and CEO of BlackBerry Ltd. from 2012 to 2013 after 5 successful years as SVP of BlackBerry handheld business unit.  Prior to BlackBerry (RIM), Thorsten was with Siemens AG serving as an executive of various divisions in the communications group.  He later took on the role of CTO and became a member of the Board of the Siemens Communications Group.


Tom Kaneb

TK head shotTom Kaneb has a successful business and philanthropic career spanning 40 years. Tom’s current business focus is on a range of manufacturing companies where he is a significant shareholder and early stage investor in technology.  His philanthropic focus is in Tostan and several smaller NGOs engaged involved in the promotion and protection of human rights and transparent government.

After receiving a MBA in 1975 at Harvard, Tom worked for Gulf Oil in corporate planning and a year later moved to Alberta to start a fiberglass bath ware company.  In 1978 he began the process of taking over the family business and, after expanding the business four fold, successfully sold it in 1999. From there Tom began investing in startups and active manufacturing businesses. Tom’s focus is to work with the CEO to build the management team, drive sales growth, and to keep the team strategically focused.



C. Paul Slaby, Ph.D.

Dr. Slaby is the company founder and CEO. He is an experienced technology executive and early-stage CEO specialist. He founded and ran several successful high-tech ventures including ATMOS Corp, MicroSemiX, VoIPshield Systems, Kaben Wireless Silicon and others. He led them from ground zero through VC funding, product and market development, to industry leadership. He held various engineering and management positions in Bell Northern Research, Nortel Networks, and Carleton University before embarking on his entrepreneurial career.

He served on the Board of Directors of several companies and acted as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the National Research Council and as an Advisor to Carleton University Foundry program. He has several years of academic and teaching experience. He is an author of numerous articles, presentations, scientific publications and conference papers. Paul’s popular blog “The Art of Growing High-Tech Ventures” receives many accolades.