Teslonix at Industry of Things World 2016!

IoT2016-agendaTeslonix joins the delegation representing Canada at Industry of Things World 2016 held in the Berlin Conference Center Sept 19-20.  Teslonix representatives will be available in stand #26 to present our innovative IoT Connectivity solution and how it can be used to autonomously  manage large deployments of passive IoT devices.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Former CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins Joins Teslonix Board of Directors

ThorstenHeins-February2013-edit03Teslonix, a major innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and management solutions, is pleased to announce that Thorsten Heins, an accomplished technology business executive and investor, has joined its Board of Directors.

“Teslonix novel wireless system architecture combining innovative RF capabilities with real-time localization capability extends the internet reach to all kind of ‘things’ while linking them to the Cloud,” said Thorsten Heins. “This disruptive innovation will change the way business is done in IoT/RFID and wireless sensor applications in such markets as retail, healthcare, logistics, cold chain, supply chain and others. I am excited to help Teslonix become a commercial success.”

“We are very happy to have attracted such an experienced technology business executive as Thorsten Heins,” stated Dr. C. Paul Slaby, CEO and Founder of Teslonix. “He joins the Board as Teslonix prepares for the launch of its commercial IoT Connectivity System products later this year. Thorsten’s experience and guidance will be invaluable during this important phase of the company growth.”

About Thorsten Heins
Thorsten Heins is a global business leader with over 30 years experience and expertise in wireless networks, consumer electronics devices, applications and enterprise solutions. He served as President and CEO of BlackBerry Ltd. from 2012 to 2013 after 5 successful years as SVP of BlackBerry handheld business unit. Prior to BlackBerry (RIM), Thorsten was with Siemens AG serving as an executive of various divisions in the communications group. He later took on the role of CTO and became a member of the Board of the Siemens Communications Group.

About Teslonix
Teslonix develops ground-breaking IoT connectivity solutions that create Smart Spaces by providing total area coverage to autonomously monitor and manage objects and devices in real-time within a given space. Fully autonomous and easy to install, the Teslonix device connectivity platform not only reduces the cost of required infrastructure by a factor of 5 but also increases accuracy and efficiency through reduction of human elements. The system is perfect for inventory monitoring, asset tracking or wireless sensor network management and provides valuable actionable information in real-time.

Teslonix at RFID Journal Live!

RFID Journal live logo (1)Teslonix is excited to be exhibiting IoT SmartKick™ at RFID Live 2016, May 3-5th at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. We invite you to come by stand #1043 to see this unique system in action and learn more about how this innovative technology can be used to build better inventory and asset management solutions to better manage “things”

About RFID Journal Live 2016

Teslonix launches IoT SmartKick

Technology diagram - NO ENERGY - Mar 2017

Teslonix proudly launches its innovative IoT SmartKick development platform to showcase how the technology enhances IoT/RFID systems and empowers commercial and industrial IoT installations. IoT SmartKick capabilities include; locating and tracking devices in real-time and establishing communication channels to move data in-and-out of electronic devices.

The technology can be integrated into new or existing products to create a value-added solution that can locate, track and manage large deployments of wireless sensors, RFID tags and electronic devices.  The technology scales to cover varying venue sizes and is well suited to applications in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and warehousing.  For engineering and product development teams who want to explore the features and benefits of this technology an evaluation kit is now available.  

“By offering the evaluation kit to innovative product designers and engineers we are hoping to inspire them to explore the full potential of this amazing technology which could bring new functionality to their products”, said Teslonix CEO Paul Slaby.  The evaluation kit is of particular interest to those looking to include added functionality to inventory management, asset tracking, access control or material handling systems.  Contact Teslonix for information and instructions on how to order your kit.  

Tel: +1 613-699-1485

email: info@teslonix.com

Teslonix heading to Sensors Expo

Teslonix is excited to be attending the upcoming Sensors Expo.  The Teslonix team is looking forward to meeting our industry colleagues from around the world to talk about long-range capabilities for wireless sensor networks and IoT.

Teslonix technology can deliver:

  • Up to 50x RF activation energy!
  • Up to 10x the distance!
  • Locating and Tracking multiple mobile receivers
  • Built-in local communication channel
  • Connectivity to Internet and the Cloud

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Internet of Things and the potential for RFID

RFID was invented seven decades ago, however, 23% of all the RFID tags ever sold were sold in 2013. In 2014, a further 1.12 billion RFID tags will be sold versus the total number of tags sold in 2013. RFID has been trialled and piloted extensively and it is now in rapid adoption mode in many industries, for many applications and is being rolled out in a cookie-cutter approach as the high performance capability versus system cost proves payback.
Read more at: http://www.idtechex.com/research/articles/the-internet-of-things-and-the-potential-for-rfid-00007043.asp?donotredirect=true