IoT SmartKick ™

Technology diagram - NO ENERGY - Mar 2017
Enhanced IoT system delivering total area coverage!

Teslonix IoT SmartKick™ is an enhanced device connectivity platform to manage and monitor large deployments of IoT devices with significantly less infrastructure over comparable solutions.  The system delivers improved long-range wireless data transfer for IoT devices, accurate 3D localization of multiple devices and efficient communication channels linking IoT edge devices (sensors, RAIN RFID tags, etc) and the Cloud.

IoT SmartKick™ can be deployed within commercial or industrial settings to activate, locate and communicate with all devices (wireless sensors, RAIN RFID tags, electronic nodes, etc) within the space.  The system is perfect for companies developing and deploying RAIN RFID/wireless sensor networks for inventory management, asset tracking, access control, data logging or material handling systems.

Teslonix - Investor Presentation Deck - July 30-17


IoT SmartKick™ differentiation

  • 5x more cost effective per sq meter
  • 50x more RF activation energy delivered to RFID tags and sensors
  • 7x more range over comparable solutions
  • 6x improved location accuracy
  • Improved multi-mode wireless communication links


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Cold chain logisitics
  • Materials handling
  • Supply chain management
  • Smart manufacturing