IoT SmartKick™

Perfect for counting and managing inventory in Retail, Warehouse and Manufacturing environments

Enhanced RFID system delivering total area coverage!

Teslonix RFID SmartKick™ is an enhanced device connectivity platform to read and monitor large deployments of RAIN RFID tags with significantly less infrastructure over comparable solutions at the lowest cost per square foot.  The system delivers improved read rates, accurate 3D localization and efficient communication channels to deliver strategic inventory data to the Cloud.


The most cost effective hands-free real-time inventory solution on the market


Real-time inventory:

  • Reduces out-of-stock items raising revenue by 5% to 15%
  • Reduces markdowns giving 1% to 5% margin improvements
  • Allows an optimal mix of product on the sales floor resulting in an uplift in sales

Accurate and reliable location:

    • Eliminates misplaced items
    • Aids in understanding consumer in-store behaviour  
    • Provides enhanced loss-prevention