The final piece in the Retail RAIN RFID puzzle

Since RAIN RFID tags have been utilized in the Retail market there have been huge efforts to ensure that every tagged item could be tracked to the store. But what happens at the store? The item will be registered as it enters the store and due to read range limitations will be inventoried periodically with a hand reader. Attempts to overcome this have included saturating an area with antennas leading to a very complex and expensive solution.


Teslonix offers the most cost effective hands-free solution providing total area coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies.  IoT SmartKick delivers complete inventory visibility making it the perfect fit to complete the RAIN RFID Puzzle in Retail.

RAIN RFID already has a solid ROI in retail with sales improvements from 10% to 12% and a reduction of inventory by up to 15%. Imagine the further improvements when inventory is monitored in real-time!