Cuts the cost of large area coverage by a factor of 5!

IoT SmartKick™ uses multiple Internet of Things Access (IoTA) points deployed within commercial and industrial settings to locate, track and communicate with RFID tags, sensors and other IoT devices over long distances. The system is perfect for companies developing and deploying RFID, inventory management, asset tracking, access control or material handling systems. The underlying technology empowers system designers and integrators to build systems to better manage “things”.

IoT SmartKick™ differentiation

  • 5 times more cost effective per sq meter
  • 50 times more RF activation energy delivered to the target RFID tag
  • 7x more range over comparable solutions
  • 6x improved location accuracy
  • Improved multi-mode wireless communication links


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Cold chain logisitics
  • Materials handling
  • Supply chain management
  • Smart manufacturing